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The Muscle Wall System

What is Muscle Wall?

Muscle Wall is a flood and containment solutions company that has engineered and built a system that is perfect for protecting assets from flood waters and storm water runoff. It is also utilized for the primary containment of fresh water and many types of secondary containment in the Oil and Gas Industry. Muscle Wall has been used for protection against rising waters and storm surges from Manhattan to San Diego, and has provided over 10 miles of product for primary and secondary containment in Oil & Gas operations. Read more...

Fast and Easy Setup

The speed and ease of installing Muscle Wall, along with the ability to remove and consolidate it for another event is what makes Muscle Wall stand out above the rest. One hundred feet of Muscle Wall protection can be setup with 10 people in about 30 minutes.  During a flooding event Muscle Wall can even be deployed once the waters have already started to rush in. Each wall can be floated into place, filled with the very water they are protecting from, and sunk creating a barrier between critical infrastructure and the devastating effects of floodwater. Read more...

Muscle Wall vs. Sandbags

To protect your homes, businesses, or communities from the threat of floodwater you can use sand bags, which are extremely expensive, require hundreds of people, countless hours, and thousands to tens of thousands of sand bags. Or you can use Muscle Wall, which is quick, easy, and reusable for years to come. Read more...


Muscle Wall is a mobile, reusable containment system that can help you control costs during the construction, drilling, and completion phases of your development program. Because Muscle Wall is mobile and reusable it gives you better control over costs and is more effective than traditional spill-containment products. Muscle Wall is also effective for hazmat containment, erosion control and water diversion. Read More...