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What is Muscle Wall?


Muscle Wall is a flood and containment solutions company that has created an innovative water-management system that uses durable, hollow, low-density polyethylene walls that can be quickly moved into place to protect homes and businesses from the devastating and costly impact of flooding. The reusable 2-foot and 4-foot-tall walls can be filled with water to give them added stability. The reusable 8-foot walls come filled with a high-density foam. This gives the flood barriers the strength to resist the extreme forces of higher volumes of water.

Oil and gas companies also tap this same proven technology, knowing that Muscle Wall offers cost-effective and safe primary and secondary containment solutions. Muscle Wall Barriers have proven to be a cost-effective, safe alternative to sandbags and earthen berms.






Product Sizes






The patented toe design that the Muscle Wall system utilizes was engineered to provide the maximum amount of stability. The flood-prevention system utilizes the weight of the encroaching water as an anchor for the system, preventing slipping or sliding due to the immense pressure and weight of the water.






Setup and Takedown of Muscle Walls


Muscle Walls are relatively easy to set up and take down. The flood barriers can be used repeatedly. A crew of just eight people can set up 100 feet of Muscle Wall in about 30 minutes. In fact, if the stormwaters have already arrived, the flood barriers can be floated to the right place, filled from the very waters they will soon be containing and sunk into place.

The coupler system used on the 2-foot and 4-foot-tall flood walls and the pin system used on the 8-foot-tall walls allow any size of Muscle Wall to be connected very rapidly.

We train our customers on the most effective way to set up these flood barriers and utilize them. Even though floods can pose a greater threat to a community than fires, often municipalities don’t have people on staff who have flood-containment expertise. We can coach you to success, even when it appears the odds are stacked against you. As we listen to you, we come up with new ideas and are constantly developing innovative products all aimed at meeting your needs.

Muscle Walls offers a common-sense and effective sandbag alternative.








Two-foot and 4-foot-tall Muscle Walls are easily connected together using a coupler system. Muscle walls can make sweeping turns because the joints allow for a 22-degree range of motion and they can adapt to uneven terrain because of the coupler connections which makes them more effective in flooding situations.










Eight-foot-tall Muscle Wall sections are connected with a tongue and groove system as well as reinforced with steel framing and a hinge and pin system. They also feature a support frame, as pictured to the right, for added stability. 













When time is of the essence, Muscle Walls are an especially valuable tool for flood control. Each 2-foot-tall barrier weighs just 60 pounds before it is filled with water. One person could carry two of them. We demonstrated with a crew of just eight people that we could put up 100 feet of 2-foot-tall Muscle Wall barrier in just 30 minutes. Imagine the benefits of identifying a stormwater threat and having a tangible solution in place that saves the day within a half hour.









Muscle Walls are designed so that the flood walls can be effectively stacked and nested together for storing and shipping. (See photo on the right.) That allows the flood barriers to be quickly loaded on pallet boards and moved on and off of trucks. It makes it easier for us to get them to you and for you to transport them quickly to where they are needed most.








Muscle Wall vs. Sandbags






Filling and stacking sandbags is a messy, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process. The true expense of using sandbags, once you factor in cleanup and other costs, is $2.50 to $5 per bag. Most sandbags can't be reused because they are contaminated with gas, oils, and raw sewage.

To protect your homes, businesses, and communities from the threat of floodwater you can use sandbags, but it will require the efforts of many people and when the threat is gone, you will be faced with the costly hassle of disposing of the heavy contaminated sandbags. A sandbag alternative is needed. Muscle Wall flood barriers can be set up quickly by a handful of people and they are reusable. Click here for more details on how you can get real and let Muscle Wall solve flood containment challenges.  





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