Yellowstone Valley Electric Endorses use of Muscle Wall

Recently, the Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative needed to protect one of their substations from the substantial flooding in the state of Montana. They evaluated several different options, but chose Muscle Wall barriers in the end for their “durable, portable, and reusable” qualities. The substation was successfully protected, and general manager Terry Holzer wrote to us about his experience. His letter is included below.

Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative is the second largest electric distribution cooperative in Montana. We provide electrical distribution services to 17,500 meters in six counties. Our headquarters are located in Huntley, which is located 10 miles east of Billings, the largest city in Montana.

We became more concerned about the potential of the Yellowstone River flooding as the snow piled up in the Beartooth Mountains. With record snow-pack levels in the mountains, the likelihood of flooding became more apparent. After several strategic planning sessions, we decided the best course of action to protect the integrity of our distribution system was to be as prepared as possible if flooding did occur.

Our main concern and effort was centered around protecting our service center and our Huntley substation, which provided electric service to 1,000 homes and businesses in the surrounding Huntley area. I contacted the Billings Disaster and Emergency Services director regarding the installation of a dirt berm around our electrical substation. During our conversation, he informed me of a product that he just heard about under the name Muscle Wall. I requested that he forward the information that he had about the product.

After reviewing the design and specifications of the Muscle Wall, I realized that it was a much better solution for our need to protect our substation than any other option available. The Muscle Wall product appeared to be durable, portable, and reusable. Once the decision was made to use the product to protect our substation, the corporate office of Muscle Wall was contacted. The product was ordered and shipped immediately.

My Impressions:

Once the decision was made to use the Muscle Wall product, I was very impressed with the responsiveness of the representatives at Muscle Wall. They got in contact with me to make sure that amount of product that I needed would get the job done. After determining how much of the Muscle Wall product we needed to order, the product was loaded, shipped, and delivered to our job site within 48 hours. I could not have asked for better service or a faster delivery time. The Muscle Wall product is a perfect solution to protect electric substations and other critical electrical infrastructure. The product is easy to install and only took our crews part of a day to install 310 feet of Muscle Wall. I highly recommend the use of the Muscle Wall product by utility companies that need to protect vital electrical equipment from the dangers of flooding.

Terry Holzer

General Manager

Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative

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