Utah Company Reaches Agreement that will Expand their Reach in Canada

LOGAN - A Utah-based company that makes flood barriers has reached an agreement with a British Columbia firm that plans to make them available throughout Canada.

The agreement with Spill-Chek Environmental, a company based northern British Columbia, will help Muscle Wall extend its reach in Canada, according to Jaren Taylor, the founder and owner of the Logan-based company.

Muscle Wall makes portable, hollow walls that are used by municipalities to protect flood-prone areas from stormwater. The company says, the flood walls can be filled with water and the “L-shaped design” of the barricades make it so the water pushing against them is actually giving them added stability. One four-foot-tall, six-foot-long segment can replace 468 sandbags, according to Muscle Wall.

The Utah company also provides secondary containment solutions that protect the environment when it comes to drilling operations for the oil and gas industry.

Spill-Chek, based in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, with a distribution warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta, sells a range of products in Canada, many of which are also aimed at helping oil and gas companies prevent spills and protect the environment.

“Spill-Chek has developed an expertise when it comes to controlling and purifying water,” Taylor said. “Our companies have so much in common and yet the tools we offer complement each other.”

Gary Ackles, the owner of Spill-Chek, said his firm identified a need for a mobile containment system that the oil and gas industry could use and went looking for the right product. He liked what he discovered with Muscle Wall.

“I was searching for products that would combine well with our offerings,” he said. “I investigated what Muscle Wall had to offer and think it’s a great fit. We will be aggressively promoting and marketing the product to every municipality, province and territory in Canada.”

Ackles said he believes parts of Canada that have been consistently dealing with flooding will be interested in deploying Muscle Walls to protect homes and businesses.

“We know a lot of regions in Canada that have a great need for flood-control products,” he said. “Every year they are flooded and we feel that now we are going to be able to move into these areas and offer them a great solution to their problems.”

Taylor said his company has already had multiple sales to municipalities in Canada but expects that working with a Canadian-based firm will help Muscle Wall better meet the needs of its customers.

“Gary has a great track record as a brilliant innovator and we are impressed with his understanding of the Canadian market,” Taylor said. “More importantly, he shares our philosophy of customer service and sees the vision for how Muscle Walls can protect the lives and property of people who live in the unforgiving paths of floods.”

Taylor said that Spill-Chek has long been focused on helping responsible companies that want to protect the environment. Muscle Walls are used to contain water near drilling sites and also to protect the environment from hazardous spills.

Muscle Wall was founded six years ago and has established a network of distributors across the United States. Taylor, who has a degree in environmental sciences from Utah State University, said the company has consistently grown each year and that it is on track in 2014 to have its best year so far.

“We see this agreement with Spill-Chek as offering us unique market opportunities that would otherwise be more difficult to cultivate,” Taylor said. “Spill-Chek has also worked with the mining and forestry industries, along with the government and military. This will not only help us reach more customers but it will help Spill-Chek better serve the customers it has.”

About Muscle Wall and Spill-Chek Environmental

Muscle Wall is a flood and containment solutions company that has created an innovative water-management system that uses durable, hollow, low-density polyethylene walls that can be quickly moved into place to protect homes and businesses from the devastating and costly impact of flooding. Oil and gas companies also tap this same proven technology, knowing that Muscle Wall offers cost-effective and safe primary and secondary containment solutions.

Spill-Chek Environmental is an aboriginal company serving Western Canada, the territories and Alaska, with more than 25 years of experience distributing a full range of spill-response products and services. Spill-Chek specializes in supply and installation of primary and secondary surface and in-ground containment systems. It works with companies and government entities to minimize the environmental impact of their operations by providing a variety of secondary containment and spill-response options.

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