Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission Takes Proactive Measures to Protect from Floodwater

New York, November 1, 2013 – Orange Industries Flood, LLC announced today that Passaic Valley Sewage Commission (PVSC) is the latest firm to take proactive measures to mitigate future disruption from water damage to its key New Jersey facility in Newark on the Passaic River by acquiring barrier technology from Muscle Wall®.

Muscle Wall, is a Utah-headquartered company providing best in class water containment, storm water, flood and erosion control solutions for use in all climates and locations. Their barrier technology keeps water from entering protected areas, and contains the extent of which the contaminants are spread as water recedes, speeding the eventual cleanup and lowering business disruption.

PVSC took these actions in light of the disruption and damage caused by Hurricane Sandy and the experiences of buildings and other critical infrastructure filling with a toxic mix of water, waste and contaminants that compromised operations, including utility and communications systems.

Flooding is the single largest natural hazard faced in the United States. In 2011, 97% of FEMA declared disasters were water-related events. Hurricane Sandy was the single largest insured-loss event in history.

PVSC is preparing for the inevitable next event, wherever and whenever it hits.  Many experts predict global climate change and rising sea levels mean more events of a greater severity in the future. PVSC has taken these steps ahead of the next storm to ensure business continuity.

After an extensive investigation PVSC’s engineers decided on the Muscle Wall based on many criteria including, performance, cost, rapid deployment capability and flexibility.  “Muscle Wall brings a quick, safe, secure and environmental sound solution for water containment. This is critical for continuity of the operations in the flood-prone area that PVSC operates,” said James Roy, Flood Consultant for Orange. “One of these barriers replaces 450 sandbags. These barriers will enable PVSC to remain open, and ensure operations even in the extreme conditions of another hurricane.”

Muscle Wall’s barriers are mobile, can be shifted to key locations and protect other corporate assets. Purchased to protect the key New York/New Jersey fixed assets, they can be deployed quickly to other vulnerable sites. By preparing now, PVSC has increased the likelihood their operations will not be disrupted by the next storm, wherever and whenever it occurs.


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