We have made some changes to our 6-inch system that we want you to be aware of.

Original Design

The original design of the 6” System allowed any piece to be used as a corner of the containment. However, it required using the Corner Bracket Connector on one side of the drive-over section as well as, under certain circumstances,  resulted in varying containment dimensions, depending on how the corner connection was configured.

New Design

Using a newly-designed, dedicated corner piece, the slope of the wall now faces inward, toward the containment.  By using a dedicated corner piece, containment dimensions are always consistent as well as other advantages noted below.

New Corner Extension Piece

In case of the need for a one-foot containment, a corner extension piece has been developed which easily slides into place to hold the corner stable.

New Ramp Plate

A newly-developed ramp plate can be installed over the top of the liner. This can be secured by inserting metal rods on the face of the 6” wall.

Install a Drive-Over Section Anywhere

By using a dedicated corner piece, drive-over sections can now be installed or removed rapidly at any location in the containment.  An optional corner backplate has also been developed, as shown above.

New 6-Inch Liner Clip

Because the slope of the 6” wall is on the inside of the containment, a simpler and more cost-effective liner clip has been developed.  Once the bolt has been tightened, a clamp-liner clip can be slipped underneath the wall, securing the liner in place.  After the bungee cord has been pulled around the bolt, a 6” extension clip will secure the extension piece in place.

New 6-Inch Rack Pallet

At Muscle Wall we are always requesting feedback from customers with hands-on experience using the Muscle Wall product line. A common request that we have received has been a better way to palletize 6-inch Muscle Wall. We have listened and we have delivered. This new 6-Inch Rack Pallet will now be included free of charge with all new orders of 6-inch Muscle Wall.

6-Inch Rack Pallet Features

  • The three vertical bars can be removed to make it easier to store when not in use
  • Can be transported with a forklift or a Pallet Jack
  • Safety straps are attached to the pallet
  • Fits 20 walls per pallet

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