Muscle Wall Meets EPA Compliance Guidelines

The EPA recently published new compliance problems and requirements for construction site projects, and Muscle Wall barriers excel at meeting those demands. Muscle Wall is a great tool to contain exposed soil, as well as providing optimal inlet control on a construction site. Muscle Wall is also an excellent choice to best manage stockpiling on a construction site, and keeping the BMP maintenance minimal because Muscle Wall is a sustainable option. Muscle Wall is also an excellent tool for the management of solid and waste disposal, protecting the environment. Muscle Wall will also provide exceptional containment for vehicle and concrete wash out areas. Overall, Muscle Wall is the tool of choice, keeping construction sites in compliance, as well as helping construction companies better manage time and resources, instead of dealing with the potential compliance nightmare.


Too much soil exposed at one time – Muscle Wall Advantage!

Lack of inlet control – Muscle Wall Advantage!

Poor management of stockpiling – Muscle Wall Advantage!

Lack of BMP maintenance – Muscle Wall Advantage!

Poor BMP “track out” effectiveness

Improper solid or hazard disposal

Dewatering pollutant discharges – Muscle Wall Advantage!

Poorly managed equipment/concrete washout areas

Recorded monitoring of BMP inspections

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