Minnesota Department of Transportation Employs Muscle Wall on Encroaching Lake-shore

Dennis Redig of the Minnesota Department of Transportation recently wrote to us to tell us about the success his department has had using Muscle Wall along a lake-shore that was getting too close to a roadway, and of the great service from Muscle Wall employees. Dennis writes:

The primary function that we wanted from the wall was to keep the wind from blowing waves and debris onto the roadway. We had been having problems with a north west winds blowing debris and water across the roadway causing motorist problems. The crew was quite impressed with the speed and ease that it took to install the wall. We are currently pumping the lake down and when it is down to a safe level, we will remove the wall and store until the next need, probably next spring when we get flooding in the Red River valley that we have every spring.

Thanks for all of your assistance in and we really appreciate your coming to our district when the Muscle Wall as delivered to show us how to put it all together and the follow up support you have given. Great service like you demonstrated is rare now a day’s…

Thank You

Dennis R. Redig

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Operations Superintendent

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